Mission Statement

In order to form a more perfect FIRST® team, we, the students, will encourage a ceaseless search for knowledge, establish mutual dependability, promote a standard of creativity and fun, and devote our maximum effort to work our way to victory as a united body.


The Arrowhead Robotics Team was founded in 2001, originally under the name APE Robotics (Arrowhead Price Engineering robotics). In 2003 Arrowhead Robotics changed it’s name to the Cyberhawks. Today, the team is comprised of over 60 students that range from freshmen to seniors as well as the 17 mentors that donate their time to see the students succeed. 98% of these young adults will eventually go on to college, military, or tech school. Over the years, the robotics team has been very successful in achieving 13 various awards in the past five years. These awards include: multiple appearances at the regional and world championships, the Motorola Quality Award, The Xerox Creativity Award, the General Motors Industrial Design Award, the Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control Award, and finally the FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award. Not only has the team received these awards, but they are also constantly striving to reach out into the community and do their part. The Cyberhawks celebrated their 15th anniversary with the 2016 season. They’re looking forward to many more.


The Cyberhawks 706 are a self-sufficient student-run team that competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition. We promote STEM, business, multi-media/communications and fine arts skills through collaborative and individual problem solving with the application of technical skills and sound business management. The team operates as a non-profit business. Below is a breakdown of sub-teams with descriptions.


What Does Business Sub-Team Do?

  • Prepares and manages a business plan to ensure the sustainability of the team.

This team sub-team is for you if your interested in . . .

  • Managing the team budget.
  • Marketing the team to facilitate fundraising.
  • Developing & maintaining relationships with team commercial sponsor.
  • Developing & implementing team member & mentor recruiting strategies.


What does Design Sub-Team do?

  • Creates, models, & prototypes working robot designs.

This sub-team is for you if you’re interested in . . .

  • Creatively brainstorming robot design elements to optimize competitiveness.
  • Utilizing 3-D design software to develop & model the robot.
  • Prototyping and test design ideas.
  • Preparing 2-D drawings from the 3-D model for use in fabrication.


What does Mechanical Sub-Team do:

  • Fabricates, machines parts & assembles the robot.

This sub-team is for you if you’re interested in . . .

  • Reading & applying technical drawing.
  • Operating specialized fabrication machinery including welders, lathes, drill presses, etc.
  • Assembling a complicated mechanical device; the robot.


What does Programming Sub-Team do?

  • Writes & tests program code that enables control of the robot.

This sub-team is for you if you’re interested in . . .

  • Learning & utilizing a variety of programming languages, (C++, Java, etc.)
  • Programming for both manual tele-operational & autonomous operation.

Multi-Media/Communications ( a sub-team within the Business sub-team)

What does Media sub-team do?

  • Creates and distributes communication mediums for & about the Cyberhawks 706 Team.

This sub-team is for you if you’re interested in . . .

  • Creating & maintaining content for the team’s website, social media, podcasts & nesletters including, Face Book, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Writing, recording & producing music
  • Archiving & publishing documents


What does Safety sub-team do?

  • Informs, teaches & demonstrates proper safety techniques.

This sub-team is for you if you’re interested in . . .

  • Personal protection.
  • Proper use of Machinery, tools. materials & chemicals.
  • OSHA compliance
  • Injury prevention & first aide.


What does Outreach do?

  • Coordinates the team’s community outreach.

This sub-team is for you if you’re interested in . . .

  • Establishing & maintaining relationships with other FIRST teams at all age levels
  • Coordinating the team’s participation in volunteer community projects.

Adult Mentors:

What do mentors do?

  • Teach, coach & share their own knowledge & experience.

Being a mentor is for you if you’re interested in . . .

  • Sharing your skills & knowledge with the next generation in the operation of small business and successful goals within the FIRST Robotics program.

Students & Adults interested in joining our team, please fill in the information on the New Member Contact Form and submit the information:

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